The rest of the paintings

We found some more completed paintings, mainly ones that usually stay at Erin’s gallery.  And here they are.  If you’re interested in any of these paintings, please contact Erin Wertenberger.

Venice Carnival



the painting below is the only one exhibited in this group that has not been painted in the last four years.  it was painted in 1974 and is part of an estate collection Erin is handling.




22 comments on “The rest of the paintings

  1. I love your work! I love the last painting on the page! It is so amazing, wow.

    I believe I have an early painting you did in the 80s maybe of dancers, it is very nice as well.



    • you’re quite correct, that one painting is one that my gallery was able to put in the show. it was bought from me probably twenty years ago and put up for resale after the original purchaser died. this is a problem i’ve been having lately. people buy paintings and then a few decades later they die. i’ve been considering having a purchasing contract where the buyers agree not to die, and therefore the artworks don’t come back on the market for resale. after all, if people keep reselling the old paintings, how am i going to sell any new ones?

      • Hi Jim:
        Thank you for your reply. I finally found some resolution to the puzzle. I just love it, it means a lot to me given that it was my mother’s who passed away last Sept., She was 52 yrs old. So it is very sentimental as well. It is a true master piece. I wanted to find out if you were the artist and try to get some sort of value because I wanted to get insurance on it.

        I love your work and seeing your other work is very inspiring. I am a musician and work with artists in live performance.
        Thank you and I am very excited to finally correspond with you.

      • dear james,

        sorry for your loss. i can’t place your name, but perhaps your mom had a different name when i knew her. it’s very gratifying to know that some of the paintings i have out in the world have a lot of sentimental meaning to the people who possess them. i’m very pleased that the painting means a lot to you, and that you continue to enjoy it.

        as for a financial evaluation of the painting, i suggest you contact erin wertenberger at and send him a photo of the painting, along with its size, and i imagine he will be perfectly willing to give you an estimate about what he feels the painting would be worth. erin is my dealer now, and very familiar with my work over a wide range of years. so i can’t really think of a better person to give you this information.

        i myself am absolutely no good at it.


      • Hi Jim-
        I hope you are dealing well. I tried contacting your art dealer regarding one your of your paintings and I did not receive a response. Do you think if you would inqure for me, it would improve my chances?
        Thank you so much.

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  3. Hey Jim do you remember me? It’s been about 35 yrs. I am Lorraine’s son. Even after all thes e years your art still inspires me very much. Would love to see you again. Please respond. Thanks.

  4. Jim, I also have a painting you yours that I like but my wife won’t let me hang it because she feels that the grand children shouldn’t see a skinny woman (NUDE) painting. Instead of a college President now it’s my wife, where is my backbone?
    Would like to visit you one Sunday before we leave this planet.

    • lol, ray. you weren’t married the last time i saw you.

      i wonder how old your grandchildren are. when we lived out on johnson ferry road in cobb county, in the 1960s and early ’70s, we often had a large painting of adam and eve (in the full nude) hanging in our living room. a number of my kids’ friends would come to our house, and they thought it was something hot (and perhaps naughty) seeing a naked man and woman hanging there in the house. and what were my kids’ attitudes? they thought their friends were just silly. i only heard this story recently from my grown kids. but the point is, when young people see nudes and figure pieces hanging in the homes of reputable adults, who allegedly know good and bad, they will often accept that authority, and base their own attitudes in adult life on what they see from their elders. so in fact, having the nudes in the household of the grandparents is probably a really beneficial thing for those young people.

      would love to see you come in when you have an opportunity. let us know when you feel like you can get down from the old homestead. i’d love to meet your wife.

  5. Jim, my father spoke highly of you as a youth, he has passed and I would like to know value of some of your pieces. They are black and white’s nude female, original frame/mating. Are you current with these dealers as listed here? (as of 11.14.12) Can I send you email direct?
    Thanks, Derek Korn 770.560.8691

    • you should probably contact erin wertenberger about pricing, because i haven’t a clue.

      i could perhaps give you some response about the individual pictures if you will post a picture of your paintings.

  6. Jim, I have enjoyed your work since I met you when your beard was dark and your studio was upstairs on Roswell Square. I fell in love with your pastel dancers. I had the opportunity to purchase two of them at your home in Grant Park. One of dancers backstage and the other of sitting dancers sitting and fixing their hair. I believe you said one of the girls was your daughter. I enjoyed meeting you and your wife then and will attend your show in Marietta.

  7. Hi
    I recently acquired two numbered prints, one has a certificate with the number 245 of 350 and the name of the painting is 459 Woodward Avenue publication date 1983 , the other is 367 Park Avenue number 299 of 350. both very well framed and mounted by museum mounting and framing.
    wondering if these are yours as I see nothing in the styles above in these .
    Thanks Bonnie

    • yes, they’re both mine. i don’t do etchings anymore, that’s why my work doesn’t look like what you have. but i still love the old houses.

  8. I found a signed print that my husband bought in 1983 called 367 Park Ave. I am not sure if it’s one of yours. the artist is Jim Yarbrough. It is of a victorian home. Is it one of yours? Your paintings are so beautiful. Your gift is magnificent…please let me know. I thank you in advance.

  9. 2/4/15
    Dear Mr Yarborough, I am pleased to find you still painting after so many years
    And such fascinating and colorful works of art they are. I am sure that you will have no rememberance of me,but afterso many decades, i still hold hope that you will still have an old painting that I sat for in either 1958 or 1959
    it has been so long , I tell myself it is a long shot.
    Like so many young ladies in the town who attended the LEN-CHRIS-ANNE SCHOOL of CHARM and Modeling.Now that aside, I would like to introduce myself.
    I am Kathleen Hope Fernandez and I sat for a large painting in a wicker chaimy and wearing a floral sundress, I had long bkack wavy hair pulled back in a ponytail at the back of my neck.I believe my legs were folded as were my hands folded in my lap. My head was turnedd,so mu fsce was in profile. Mydress was a white
    backgrounn with long stems of purple irisand some pink flowers I believe.
    I have tried so many times over the years to find you and always failed. I hope I
    haven’t this time. I can remember your studio on Glover street in Marietta.
    My parents always wanted to buy the painting from you but it never workedout Maybe you will still have it . I hope, if just to see it,
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kathleen Hope Fernandez
    Green Meadow Drive
    Valdosta, Ga. 31602

    • i certainly remember the studio on glover street, but unfortunately i do not still have any of the paintings i produced at that time. nor do i have any photographic records of the work i was doing then. i’m sorry i can’t send you a picture of your painting, but it was indeed i that painted it.

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