dragoncon 2012

This is the second year I have attended dragoncon as an artist.  Last year I concentrated on painting dragons; it seemed appropriate.  This year, I branched out a little, and included a series of paintings I call the Dance of Death.

The occasion for these paintings was not the end of the world as we know it in 2012, but the fact that we were given a life-size plastic skeleton that was only a little beat up, and have been enjoying making paintings of him.  Here they are:

Senor Posada is a cheerful fellow, and wants you to go out in style.

He will play to your individual rhythm.  He plays for our bellydancer friend Asha.

Sometimes a guitarist isn’t enough, and you need the jazz combo of death to dance you out.

They use old instruments for some dances, for those not so modern to dance to.  This is a viola d’amore.

The string quartet of death, just warming up.

The skull, an intimate reflection.

A romantic setting for Cassie in the crypt.

This is Kurt and exkurt, a character in the graphic novel i’m working on.

I call these two veiled ladies Margaret and the bride.

And this is Margaret in years to come.

This is what i’ve been up to for the last few months.  At this moment I am turning my attention to a series of paintings of the beach, where I spent part of my summer, and a series of paintings of a woman under the water.  I will post pictures when I get around to it.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this show.  Please leave a comment.


One comment on “dragoncon 2012

  1. I can’t believe I missed this fabulous show. For years I have owned (since the late 1960s) A life-sized acrylic nude by Jimmy which I purchased from Ann Jacob when her gallery was in Buck Head. It is still in its original condition. She is named “Rene”. She is laying on her back with her arms behind her head, one leg bent, the other extended, exposing her most realistic private parts. Blue veins are visible under her beautiful small, but ample breasts. Her flowing senna colored hair flowing from her head. Her entire body naturally colored in acrylic over what I assume is a wire cage. If the sculpture was standing she would be approximately 6 Ft tall. Rene has spent almost fifty years in various rooms of three homes I have owned. I would love to show her to any of Jimmy’s collectors.

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