Switching paintings – 12

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Getting ready for the Marietta/Cobb Art Museum show on January 12th, I decided I didn’t like one of the walls very much, so I’m proposing a few other paintings for that wall, which happen to be paintings I’ve done in the past two years, none of which are represented in this show.


This is the wall as it currently stands

I have sculptures in the show already, and limited the selection to those that would fit inside a glass case.  But since they’re not using the case for them, I thought I would suggest some larger acrylic sculptures which I think are more interesting.


The first batch of sculptures range from 24-36″ high


The second batch are all about 25″ high


Then there’s a lovely dragon painting in egg tempera, 48×60″


And a charming dance of death painting, this one called ‘The string quartet of death”


And finally a painting with the buildings of Cabbagetown and Grant Park in the background, egg tempera, measuring 36×48″

That’s my idea of a wall.

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