In Venice Again

Jim is in Venice again, for the second time.  The family is taking another two months to work on various art projects, collect reference material for future paintings, and make contacts in this most beautiful of cities.

The last time he went to Venice, he took along a sheaf of handmade paper and his pastels.  This time, he brought only a book of paper that he coated with a rough ground, and his silverpoint pens.

Silverpoint is a method of making marks that predates lead pencils, and is much older than graphite pencils.  It makes a subtle line that tarnishes with age, becoming more beautiful as time goes on.  Artists such as Durer, Rembrandt, Van Eyck, Da Vinci, and Holbein used silverpoint.  After graphite was discovered around 1500, the use of silverpoint declined, but it still makes a beautiful line, and old fashioned artists like Jim still make use of it.

Here are the drawings he has completed to date in Venice.  It has taken him about three weeks to complete them.  They will serve as artworks in their own right, and studies for much larger paintings, probably in egg tempera, when he returns to the studio.

One of the many wonderful palazzi on the Grand Canal

Medusa mask seen in a nearby mask shop featuring handmade creations

The view from the apartment the family is renting

And intricate pozzo (wellhead) in front of Palazzo Franchetti

The view of a confluence of two rivers in Sestiere San Polo

Jim at work in the bedroom, drawing the palazzo across the canal

Jim will be sure to make more drawings, and you will be able to see them here.  Stay tuned.

If you’d like to read about his adventures in Venice, please check out our travel blog at


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