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October 7, 2014.

Jim’s wife here.  I just wanted to let everyone know that we’re going to Venice, Italy for the winter. This is earthshaking news, because Jim never wants to go anywhere but downstairs.  However, he caught me coming back from my recent art residency to iceland, and decided to get in on the fun.  But he wanted to go to Venice, which he’s been interested in his whole life.  And he wanted to stay for as long as possible before coming back.

So I am in charge of arranging a 3 month stay in La Serenissima, and will be keeping this blog up to date while we are there.

While we are in Venice, Jim is planning to start a painting every day, which means that he’ll more or less finish one a day.  We’re going to be there all winter, so that’s a lot of work.

He’ll be taking his pastels and drawing implements, and plenty of his own handmade paper, and he might stray into acrylic painting while he works, but mainly he will be producing small pastel paintings of scenes of venice.

Since Jim thinks people might be interested in these quick pastels and drawings of Venice, I (the wife) decided to put up this page, and proudly display all his sketches and paintings for the three months we will be working in venice.  I’ll put up my stuff, too, mainly scarves and some watercolors.  And everything will have a pricetag on them, so that people who follow our blogs and like our work can have a little piece of our time in Venice.  Which will help us afford our little time in Venice.

please visit our new Etsy shop, see here
for the travelogue of our trip, see here
for my work, see here


11 comments on “Gallery

  1. Safe and wonderful trip! I am glad to have found your blog looking for instructions to make my own clay boards. Thanks!

  2. Question, did you make a hand colored etching called 89 15th Street? If so, can you give me information on it? I have a friend who’s looking to sell and I’d like to purchase it from her. What would be a fair price? It looks like it’s in great shape. I have many Mary Bonner etching’s and some etching’s that her teacher Edouard Henri’ Leon made. I believe the 89 15th Street would fit in perfect with the one’s I have. Especially since your’s has a small pop of color and the other’s don’t. I appreciate any assistance you might be able to provide.

    • yes, i did that etching. it’s of the tower on top of an old victorian house that used to be across from the art school that was part of the high museum. the etching was published by a company called transart designs, in the early 1980s. the edition was sold out, and i have no recollection of what the print originally sold for. it was one of a set of 6 etchings of old houses that i did in a series. i’m afraid i can’t give you a realistic price evaluation, because since transart went out of business, no one keeps track of the prices of prints sold by the original buyers. my suggestion would be simply make an estimate of what you’d like to pay for it, and offer it, since there is no ‘right’ price. i’m glad you enjoy it, i had a good time making the prints.

  3. Thank you so much for the information~Can you tell me where (city & state) 89 15th Street is? I do Love it and it goes well with some of my other etchings. Some are Mary Bonner’s that she did of buildings while in Paris, so your talent on my wall looks fabulous next to Mary’s! :-) Thanks so much for the information!! Enjoy Venice!!

  4. I have an etching of Dolls in the attic AP (I take it that is artist Proof) signed Yarbrough I am trying to find out the year it was done

  5. Jim good to touch base with you, see your friend Alan Stecker from Barnesville..
    I am Jo Clifton who went to art school with you, Jean Chapman, Pat Harrington, etc…
    we studied under Ben Shute, Joel Reeves, Robert Rogers…I was in advertising design
    student of Bill Slattery…
    My full name Josephine Clifton Yancey,
    My best to you !!!!!

    • I remember you from those days. I’m still living in Atlanta, have outlived our art school, am still making paintings, and never found anything in life I like to do better than paintings – it’s even better than making sculpture and prints for me. Joel Reeves was the one who first showed us how to do egg tempera painting, and over the years I’ve done a lot more of that than most things. email me again and let me know what you’ve done interesting with your life all these decades later.

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